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Gluten-Free Cod Fish and Chip - Schooner Fish and Chips

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How It All Began…Our Gluten Free Story

Linda P., a really good friend of ours, was diagnosed with having Celiac. Linda went for years before finally finding out her problems were from foods containing gluten ingredients. My husband and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend away with Linda and her husband, Ron. I saw for myself what Linda had to deal with everyday. The restaurants we went to had no knowledge of the questions Linda was asking. I believe she ate plain lettuce and plain chicken the entire time we were away. I felt terrible for Linda and thought why couldn’t she have poutine or fish n chips that were gluten-free?

When we got home that weekend I bought gluten-free ingredients, fired up the back fryer and cooked gluten-free fish, poutine and coleslaw. Linda enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue serving gluten-free and haven’t stopped since. We have even expanded our menu to include gluten-free gravy and mini donuts!

It has now been a year since we first started serving gluten-free and I feel it is the best product to date. Combined with top quality ingredients and over 42 years of experience we have revised our recipe to taste like our famous fish n chips! I am proud to be serving gluten-free battered fish n chips to the Durham Region.

Gluten-Free You can Trust!

At Schooner Fish -n- Chips, we take gluten-free very seriously! We use separate fryers and a designated area of our kitchen to uphold this committment to you.

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